||hiking|| [Vancouver] Lynn Canyon Park

Quick summary:

  • Level of difficulty: easy (1 out of 10) 😀 😀 😀
  • Estimated time (round trip): 1-2 hours (resting & playing time not included)
  • Elevation: not so much 😉

How to get there by transit: (about 1-1.5 hours)

  • From Waterfront Skytrain Station: take the Sea Bus to North Vancouver (fare paid using Compass Card – a transit card used for both trains and buses in Vancity)
  • Take bus #227 to Lynn Valley (the bus stop is right outside the Exit door of the Sea Bus station)
  • Get off at any of the last 2 stops 😀 (a local man told us to get off the bus after it went up a hill to save some time walking up there, because the hill is not part of the trail yet 😛 but it’s good exercise though!!! anyway, we chose to let the bus do the hard job :D)
View of the city from Sea Bus – taken on the way back to Waterfront Station


What to do there: (or more accurately, what we did there)

  • Suspension Bridge:
    • Go the the Ecology centre as you get off the bus
    • There is a cafe close to the Ecology centre
    • The Suspension Bridge is right in front of the cafe
    • It is a mini version of the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge, and it’s for free!!! 😀 😀 😀
This is the Suspension Bridge!!! 😀 The bridge’s two ends are quite steep.
  • Baden Powell Trail: this is the most popular one. it goes along both sides of Lynn Creek, and spreads both North and South of the Suspension Bridge
    • somehow, we went south first 😀
      • after crossing the Suspension Bridge, we headed south
      • the southern part of the trail led us to Twin Falls Bridge 😉
      • from here, you can continue going further south. we decided to cross the bridge and head north – back to the Lynn Canyon cafe – then crossed the Suspension Bridge (again!) to go north towards the 30 Foot Pool
The falls right under the Twin Falls Bridge
View from the Twin Falls Bridge
  • The 30 Foot Pool:
    • continue to head north (left turn after crossing the Suspension Bridge)
Trail to the 30 Foot Pool
  • The pool is to the left of the trail, you might see some lower level parts of it and be tempted to spend lots of time there, but be patient, a really cool pool is await just a few minutes ahead 😀
    • you could bring your swimsuit and have some fun here
    • warning: I went there in late May and the water is still iced-cold, so make sure to warm up yourself first and wish for yourself that you won’t catch a cold 😀 other than that, enjoy the pool in the middle of this beautiful pacific forest 😀
A view of the pool from about 5 meters above
You gotta climb down some big rocks to get closer to it
The water is very clear and beautifully jaded ❤ ❤ ❤

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