||hiking|| [Vancouver] Mount Seymour

at the top of Mt. Seymour ❤
  • Level of difficulty: intermediate (for me: advanced)
  • Average time: 5 hours
  • For us: we started from the parking lot at 10:15am and got to the top at about 1:15pm (so 3 hours going up with stops at the First Peak and the Second Peak for some water and food). we left Mt. Seymour at around 2pm and got back to the parking lot around 3:50pm (so about 2 hours going down)
  • Round trip: 9km
  • Elevation gain: 450m (1449m above sea level)

There are 3 peaks: the First Peak, the Second Peak then Mt. Seymour as the third and last one.

More information about the trail is available here: Mt. Seymour Hike info

Important things to note before you go:

  • The trail is very steep
  • Most of the trails are rocks, so bring a good pair of hiking shoes (maybe even a pair of gloves for some rock climbing)
  • There might be some intermitten presence snow on the second half of the trail
  • There are LOTS OF bugs, LOTSSSS OF them!!! even at the top of the mountains. so bring some good bug spray 🙂
our way back with a spectacular view ❤ I didn’t take a lot of photos on our way up because I was busy catching up with my friends and it was quite foggy at that time 🙂
Please be prepared for some snow on the way 🙂 and lots of rocks 😀 95% of the trail we went through were rocks and rocks 😀
more rocks and snow 😀 (maybe because we went here on July 6 – which is the starting of the hiking season in Mt. Seymour 🙂
stopping for a bit of a view (covered by the clouds and fogs) 😀 we went on a cloudy and foggy morning 🙂


we missed the (supposed to be) spectacular view at the last peak of Mt. Seymour because everything was mostly covered by the clouds but it was awesome to make it to the last summit and enjoy a bit of the view ❤
because there are 3 peaks, the way “down” also involves going up back to the previous peaks 😀 and then down again 😀

Overall, even without a clear view at the top, and with being accompanied by a lot of bugs on the way, this hike was incredibly awesome and definitely worth a try if you are in Vancouver in July – September 🙂


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